Saturday, 25 April 2009


this is a lo of my niece victoria, i decided to use circles again, but in a differant way this time. i cut a thin strip of dotted paper first. then a wide strip of a differant pattern paper. i stuck the thin strip down first, then the wide strip on top of that. then i added a big square of dotted paper, over the wide band, leaving a small gap, so you can see the underlying paper. i added a thin strip of dotted paper next to that. i cut out 4 tiny circles brown, and stuck them down at the top of the page. i then cut out 3 differant size circles, on 1 i attached a photo of victoria & a flower. the middle one i added dymo words, and mounted that on to some cream card. the top 1 i added a flower. i cut out 2 small brown circles and stuck them on to the top circle. and last of all i added the flowers bottom left of page.


Julia Dunnit said...

Love the way it's all in a tight area, really focuses on the pic. Buthtat's what you intended, huh!

Annie said...

Love the circles!