Tuesday, 14 October 2008

sorry rainbowjoy gave me the challenge, i made a mistake. so the challenger was rainbowjoy.


new addition, gave me a ATC challenge, the challenge was to make a ATC using autumn colours
so what i did was tripple emboss a plane background, then while the powder was still hot i stamped and held the stamp down, till the powder cooled, then gently lifted the stamp away. to reveal a embossed leaf image. i then used a leaf hole punch for the background leaves, i punched
brown and red leaves. the background paper was a browny orangey effect. that was bought in a pack, i think it was papermania paper. first i stuck down the paper, then stuck the leaves down, then stuck the embossed image down in the centre. last of all i heat embossed the edges to finish the look. im realy pleased with the end resalt. becareful if you tripple emboss though, because i used a clear cling stamp and the heated powder melted the design on one of my stamps. oops. xx

Sunday, 17 August 2008



Tuesday, 12 August 2008


id like to swap these 3 ATC cards, with another set of 3 ATC's, with someone, if enyone is interested, then please email me, my email address is shen_4uk@btinternet.com thanks xx

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Exploding box

this is a exploding box i made, using my paper scraps & some fab stickers

Thursday, 24 July 2008

crafters companion paper crafts,

this is some of the things i made, using my crafters companion paper crafts cd rom.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

leopard drawing

this is a coloured pencil drawing i did of a leopard.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Photobucket Album

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Parchment Craft

This is a little bag, i made from my craft set. i coloured the flowers in, at the back, with coloured pencils.

Parchment Craft

This is a birthday card, i made for mum. it was from my craft set.

Parchment Craft

This is a good luck card i made, from my craft set.

Pergamano, Parchment Craft

This is a book mark i made, at a craft class, i went to, it was the first, parchment craft item, i made. i thought it would be difficult to make, but it was quite easy. i enjoyed making it so much, that i bought a parchment set, so i could make other things.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Spanish Scrapbook

For this page, all i had to do, was add photo's to it, and dymo words. because i used Spainish printed paper.

Spainish Scrapbook

For this page, i made a waterfall card, and stuck on some photo's, of the flamenco dancers. i used my dymo tool, to add words to it, in english & spainish.

Spainish Scrapbook

This page, i made the Spainish fan myself, by making a single fan, card template. i then drawed around it a few times on to the black paper, cut the shapes out, then i used a heart punch, and punched to tops, i punched a hole at the bottoms of the shapes, i made the tassel myself, using cross stitch threads, i cut a piece of thread, then lots of smaller pieces, the same size, in black & red, i layed the smaller threads together over the bigger piece, then tied a piece of thread around it, to make the tassel. i put a brad through the shape holes, and through the scrapbook page, tied the tassel on around the brad. The fan shapes moves, so you can open them to where you wont them.

Spainish Scrapbook

on this page, i used a Alphabet stencil, to make the Title, on plain coloured card, and used left over scrap's of design paper to stick on part of the letters, to add interest.

Spainish Scrapbook

This page, i made a popup Dolphine, it looks quite good. when you lift the card up on the Right, it pop's up.

Spainish Scrapbook

This page, i added the mundomar park entrance ticket,as well as a postcard of it, i think it works quite well with the photo & Bright paper.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

small poems

these are some of the poems i like.

We've laughed until my cheeks are tight
we've laughed untill my stomach's sore.
if we could only stop we might
Remember what we're laughing for.

You must never Bath in an IRISH stew
You must never bath in an irish stew
it's a most illogical thing to do
But should you persist against my reasoning
Don't fail to add the appropriate seasoning.

My Friend
If i could search
the whole world through
id never find
A friend like you.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

vintage scrapbook 1

cross stitch & vintage scrapbook 1

hi everyone, i hope you like my cross stitching, i done, quite a while ago now. just thought i'd show you my work. i had a lot of fun lerning to cross stitch. i made mums friend betty, two cross stitch julery boxes for her birthday, well i bought the boxes, but stitched the design for the lids. she loved her present, so that was good, i just wish i took a photo of them, so i can show them on here,never mind. the cross stitch pics on here, i made for my mum, and she realy liked them, im in to other crafts now, i love to lern new arts and crafts as its so much fun.

vintage scrapbook 1
i done this scrapbook, as i had lots of old photo's of my family, and couldent wait to do an old style book, using fab papers & embellishments, i used differant ageing techniques, to make the pages look old, and i think it worked quite well. im realy pleased with it.

my cross stitch work

Friday, 27 June 2008

Thursday, 26 June 2008

shen's art

ive been in to arts and crafts for most of my life, i studied intermidiate art & design and addvanced art & design, at cornwall colledge. it was great to lern about, everything from, drawing & painting, ceramics,print making, photography, willow sculptures, & metal work. but most of all i love drawing and painting, i like to experiment with all media/water colour, pastil's, carcoal, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, acrylics, & oil paints, (i find oil paints most difficult to use)but hopefully practice makes perfect. at the moment im using water colour paint,to lern all the techniques involved, and to improve my watercolour paintings. soon i'll post my gallery, and show my work, comments on my work are all welcome, and tips on how i can improve on it,is also welcome. please feel free to ask me any question's.

paper crafts

i got into scrapbooking, 5 years ago now,with a friend of mine, who was also into it, and been having fun with it since. i get my inspiration from scrapbooking mags. i have done meny pages on differant subjects. but my fav is my spanish album & my vintage album. i like to experiment with differant shape's , hidden pockets, ect. i also like to try out my own idea's. all comments on my work are welcome, feel free to ask me any question's. ive been card making for about the same time too, and will soon show my scrapbook pages & cards ive made. aswell as eny other crafts.

about me

name:- shenade watling
lives:- in cornwall
interest:- drawing, painting, scrapbooking, cardmaking/papercrafts,& other crafts
fav music:- knickle back, josh groban, evanescence, savage garden, westlife, & leann rimes
fav films:- trains planes & automobiles, the money pitt, dirty dancing.
fav programs:- casualty, holby city, lee evans, house, csi,
pets:- 3 dogs, 2 cats, tropical fish, gold fish