Friday, 15 May 2009


this scrapbook page was fun to do, i made circle frames from odd bits of the chocolate paper pack. mounted the photo on to baige paper. stuck the circles on behind the photo. then attached the photo on top. i attached buttons inside the top and middle circles. i attached chocolate flowers to the other circles using brads. i then cut two strips of doted paper and attached them to the photo with brads for added interest. last of all i stuck a brown falt ribbon on the photo and attached the label holder in the centre, with the name steven inside.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


this is a lo of me, i am a sister to 5 brothers. here i used chocolate papers, brads & flowers. this is another circle lo, that i wonted to try. im quite pleased with how this lo turned out. the photo is of me in benidorm, posing for the camera in my new outfit. i used a dymo machine for the wording. it was a fab holiday, just wish i was there now.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

my cousin heidi

this scrapbook page is of my cousin heidi, i used a star paper for the background and then using various green 8x8 papers, i angled the papers for a nice effect. i added the photo, then last of all i attached the title my cousin heidi to finish it off. im realy pleased with how this lo works ,it's simple but effective.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


this is a lo of my niece victoria, i decided to use circles again, but in a differant way this time. i cut a thin strip of dotted paper first. then a wide strip of a differant pattern paper. i stuck the thin strip down first, then the wide strip on top of that. then i added a big square of dotted paper, over the wide band, leaving a small gap, so you can see the underlying paper. i added a thin strip of dotted paper next to that. i cut out 4 tiny circles brown, and stuck them down at the top of the page. i then cut out 3 differant size circles, on 1 i attached a photo of victoria & a flower. the middle one i added dymo words, and mounted that on to some cream card. the top 1 i added a flower. i cut out 2 small brown circles and stuck them on to the top circle. and last of all i added the flowers bottom left of page.

Friday, 17 April 2009


This lo is of my niece tammy, using the chocolate paper set, i cut out a big circle shape frame, i then cut some of the papers in strips. i attached the paper strips down first, with the smaller one in the middle. then i stuck down the big circle frame on top. i stuck the photo down, at the top of the circle. then i cut out some squares, using two of the papers. and stuck those down, over the bottom half of the circle. using cross stitch thread i stitched around over two of the squares, for added interest. the other two squares i drew in the stitching. then added some stickers in the squares. on the first stip of paper, i attached a vellum sentament, in the centre, using chocolate brads. also adding some brads to the top and bottom. last of all to finish the scrapbook page, i attached the flowers, to the corners of the photo. im quite pleased with how this lo turned out.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Here is an idea for you all, when doing a lo about your mother, why dont you make a backing sheet with the word mother in differant languages. here is a list of mother i done for you in the differant languages. hope you all like this idea. xx


Saturday, 11 April 2009

3d lo, Eden

here is a lo i made of the Eden project, i have added some of the flowers and butterflies to the page using sticky foam pads to make them 3 dimentional. ( standout). i used the free papers and embellishments, i had from a craft mag i bought recently. the colours are fab. i attached two photo's togeather, one underneeth the other, for a great effect, i love the close up shot of the red flower. i made the title eden my self using a scrap of striped paper, drawing the word eden on top, then cutting it out. i just love this page.